Arveson memorial article

Palle Jorgensen and Daniel Markiewicz have put together a beautiful tribute to the late Bill Arveson, with contributions from about a dozen mathematicians as well as a more personal piece by Lee Ann Kaskutas. This memorial article might appear later elsewhere in shorter form, but I think it would be interesting for many people to see the full tribute, with all the various points of view and pieces of life that it contains. I wrote a post dedicated to Arveson’s memory about half a year ago, where I put links to two recent surveys (1 by Davidson and and 2 by Izumi), and in about a month there will be a big conference in Berkeley dedicated to Arveson’s legacy; still I feel that this tribute really fills a hole, and conveys in broader, fuller way what a remarkable mathematician he was, and how impacted so many so strongly. Please share the link with people who might be interested.