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White flag

After the previous post, the political system in Israel spiraled into a farce. Things are not done yet, but the not-very-big chance of changing things for the better was thrown out the window for the purpose of a so-called “emergency government to battle the corona crisis”. Nevermind, the point is that I couldn’t leave the previous post as the top one, as if there is some battle between good and bad forces. Apparently the political system got tired of itself, gave up on law and order, democracy, and basic principles of decency, and there is no hope that I will have a government that I am proud of in the coming years. I will try to follow politics as little as I can, and comment on politics even less.

Because the previous post was obsolete and because I really did not feel like updating on the sorry situation, I made this blog private for a short while. I am now bringing it back, with this explanation. I am leaving the black banner though, until there is reason to remove it.

I hope to continue to post on mathematics soon.

Black Flag

Following the dishonorable exploitation of the coronavirus outbreak for stalling the activity of the newly elected parliament in Israel and for silencing protests, I am putting up a black flag on this blog.

Solutions to the situation can be found. Right now everywhere in the world meetings are made, decisions are taken, and classes are taught using video conferencing solutions. Many essential services go on as usual (construction, super-markets, the army, the police not to mention hospitals and so forth); they continue to operate, taking care to follow precautions.

There is absolutely no excuse for the newly elected Knesset not to begin operating immediately in full capacity, and first things first, replace the current chairman, who is behaving in a shameful way. Later, to approve new laws and a new government, according to the decisions made by the majority of the elected parliament members, and in compliance with the law.

Hopefully, the prime minister and the government will not abuse their power to stall this process or to gain leverage beyond the power they hold in the Knesset.

Here is an article in English (note that it is an opinion piece), that contains a lot of the facts: