Happy new year!

by Orr Shalit

It is good to start the new year with a positive headline in my blog. So to any occasional visitor of this blog who comes from afar: if this is your new year, then I wish you a happy new year!

I will spend the next two weeks in Indian Statistical Institute (Bangalore) at the conference and workshop Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras.

Some time ago I made a rule for myself that in conferences I have to choose one talk which interests me very much and which I later have to go and try to understand better. So every night I think of the talks that were that day, and choose a candidate from that day, and in the end I compare my candidates and pick one talk (or speaker). Then I promise myself to go read the paper/s the talk was based on. Even if I later don’t find the time to read the paper (it has also happened to me once that the paper was still unavailable, even in pre-print form, which I found annoying), the process of searching for that talk helps me stay alert and open minded during the conference.

I will try to play this trick on myself again, and I hope to be able to report after I return from Bangalore on one of the talks or the mini-courses.